Craving comfort

Craving comfort

Why watch Paula Deen when you can get your comfort fix here?

A lot of people say a summer without strawberries isn’t summer, and I’m inclined to agree; I love the fruit. But to me, summer isn’t summer without freezing cold iced sweet tea. I’m a Midwestern girl, and I like mine Southern Style—which means super duper sweet. I know this disgusts some of my West Coast friends, but out here, that’s what we love! And that’s what brought me to Craving Comfort with the Homesteading Housewife.

This blog, y’all, is so much fun to browse. Dana, the owner and writer of the blog, is simply a cutie pie. Her colloquial language isn’t overbearing or annoying like some people’s; it’s endearing and fun to read. She uses the perfect balance of photos and directions, which makes her recipes really easy to follow. And believe me, I need easy recipes! I tend to complicate things worse than they should be, so Dana’s straightforward talk, mixed with a bit of country humor, is more than welcome in my home.

Of course, her blog itself is not the real reason to give it a visit (or to subscribe, which I’ve done); it’s the fact that her recipes deliver that keeps me coming back! Her iced coffee recipe, for example, is delicious; and when I made her recipe for sweet tea, I thought I’d discovered the ambrosia of the gods. She tells you a secret ingredient (psst—it’s baking soda! But you’ll have to visit her blog to see how to use it!) that makes your home tea taste like real restaurant quality, as sweet and smooth as I love it. In fact, today I had a bottle of tea while out and running errands and noticed that I liked “my tea,” or really, Dana’s tea, better! And it saves you money making it on your own, so why not try it?

Dana openly admits that the food she cooks, like cheesy Tater Tot Casserole and Bricken, is comfort food and that it should be consumed in moderation, which I also appreciate. You’re not going to find ingredient substitutions, low-fat options, or carb counting on a blog called Craving Comfort, after all! But even if you can’t enjoy these meals every day, you are bound to find many that you’ll want to try at least once in a while. And believe me, if you bring one of these dishes to the office party or the family reunion this year, you’re gonna be remembered.