Homemade french fries

Homemade french fries

Never buy that nasty freeze-dried stuff again

It’s unanimous – French fries are delicious. They are also super easy to make at home. You don’t need a deep fryer or those nasty freeze-dried, often precooked and always overpriced bags of nonsense. All you need is some potatoes, oil, and salt. Beyond that you can add all kinds of cool things.

Slice the potatoes any way you want. But whatever you do, first cut them in half. Then put the flat side down on your cutting board, so when you are cutting it up it won’t slide and roll all over the place, placing your fingers in danger. There’s your first tip.

You can cut them thin like McDonald’s or thick like steak fries. You can cube them up, or you can use a cheese grater and make hash browns. If you really want to get wild, you can use yams or sweet potatoes.

Then (and here’s your second tip), put them in cold water and let them soak for 30 minutes or more. This takes the starch out and makes for better fries. Wash them a few times to remove the cloudy-white water. This also is the best way to store sliced potatoes in the fridge, in a bowl of water.

Then take any cooking pot and put about a finger of oil on the bottom. You don’t need a lot of oil, just enough to cover the fries, and if you know that you will eat fries later in the week the leftover oil will be fine for a while. You can just leave it sitting in the pot, covered of course.

Warm it up with medium-low heat and wait a few minutes until you put the potatoes in. Try to drain as much water off of them as possible beforehand, so they don’t splatter. You can put a lid on at first, to reduce the splatter, but be sure to take it off to let the potatoes get crispy.

They can take some time to get ready, and stir them often with tongs to get an even cook. When they are ready, take the fries out with tongs and let them cool on paper towel. Then put on salt, pepper, or whatever else – cheese, pieces of bacon, anything you can imagine. Enjoy!