Worst Cooks in America is Embarrassing to Watch

Worst Cooks in America is Embarrassing to Watch

And reminds me just how little our education system prepares us for life.

Holy. Freaking. Cow. I’ve watched the show Worst Cooks in America for three seasons now and yet, every year, I seem to be absolutely shocked at the horrendous cooking skills that our fellow Americans seem to have. “They must be faking,” I mutter, watching cooks mix macaroni and cheese with God knows what. I would fake, for sure, to get a few thousand dollars and a new cooking set.

I’m already a not-so-great cook; I’ve been known to burn rice or serve it crunchy in my time. Now that I have a child and more experience, I can usually follow a recipe okay, though, so it just boggles my mind that stay at home parents of multiple children are making inedible foods. How are their children surviving? How are they, for that matter?

I think this show serves as an excellent reminder of how little people are being prepared for life in school. I do not know if this is still the case, but I know that when I was in school cooking classes were optional. Optional! You had to memorize facts about geometry and Shakespeare and plenty of other stuff you might never need (or that you can look up on the Internet now, actually), but what about being prepared to feed yourself or your own family?

Many of these people don’t know simple facts about food, such as the fact that leaving it out to spoil renders it unfit for eating. Some of these people put their own loved ones in the hospital from food poisoning while others say their kids are super skinny from not being able to eat much. Hello! How about a mandatory cooking class in school—or multiple cooking classes?

And while you are at it, how about a general home skills class about cleaning and doing laundry and such? Maybe a paperwork class about maintaining medical records, taxes, car licensing, and other parts of life? I think you should get your passport through school when you turn seventeen or eighteen as well. Driver’s ed is something else that every school should provide, as well as lessons on how to balance a checkbook and prepare a budget, pay bills, manage credit (and decipher credit ratings), finagle interest rates, pay rent or buy a house, and other relevant material. Something tells me that all of these skills would be much more helpful than learning how plants reproduce (though actual planting education would also be helpful…).