August 2012

Get kids into the kitchen

It’s never too early to start.

Here is my suggestion to anyone who has children: Get them into the kitchen as early on as possible.  The obesity epidemic is a real thing, and it has plagued people with diseases that could have been easily prevented with a healthy diet.  Therefore, to help keep your kids from getting on the path to obesity, you need to teach them how to eat right from a young age.

From what I have seen, most people eat unhealthy foods because it is simply easier to do so.  Fast food and convenience foods are readily available.  Plus it is pretty affordable.  So people who do not feel comfortable around the kitchen can easily make a habit of reaching for fast food or convenience food.  Unfortunately, these foods are often to blame for the current obesity epidemic.  That is why it is essential that you get your kids comfortable in and around the kitchen of your house while they are still in their early years.

Craving comfort

Why watch Paula Deen when you can get your comfort fix here?

A lot of people say a summer without strawberries isn’t summer, and I’m inclined to agree; I love the fruit. But to me, summer isn’t summer without freezing cold iced sweet tea. I’m a Midwestern girl, and I like mine Southern Style—which means super duper sweet. I know this disgusts some of my West Coast friends, but out here, that’s what we love! And that’s what brought me to Craving Comfort with the Homesteading Housewife.

This blog, y’all, is so much fun to browse. Dana, the owner and writer of the blog, is simply a cutie pie. Her colloquial language isn’t overbearing or annoying like some people’s; it’s endearing and fun to read. She uses the perfect balance of photos and directions, which makes her recipes really easy to follow. And believe me, I need easy recipes! I tend to complicate things worse than they should be, so Dana’s straightforward talk, mixed with a bit of country humor, is more than welcome in my home.